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The World’s 2022 Skin Picks are reavealed by DRX

The DRX players’ dream has come to an end, and they are now prepared to collect the greatest reward that their achievements have earned them: League of Legends skins that they may customize for their champions. DRX players have decided which champions should have their skins made available, and the entire list of champions can be seen here.

At the Worlds 2022 Grand Finals, T1 and DRX engaged in significant competition with one another. Both of the LCK’s representatives played at the very pinnacle of their game to earn this year’s championship. DRX started off in the play-in stage and worked their way all the way up to first place.

Because to the incredible efforts of Zeka and Kingen, as well as the overall team cohesion, DRX was able to win the trophy for the first time in the history of the franchise. On the opposite side of the tournament, Faker was unable to retake his crown back, and his team, DRX, lost to them with a score of 3-2. This result shocked the forecasts for the Worlds 2022 power ranking.


The champion who takes home the Worlds trophy is given the opportunity to select another player as the recipient of their unique skin the following year. Most of the game’s players agree that the League of Legends Worlds skins are among the best available because Riot Games put a lot of work into creating them and because they symbolize something. Since Faker has already accomplished this feat multiple times, the stage is now set for his younger rival, Zeka.


  • Kingen – Aatrox
  • Pyosik – Kindred
  • Zeka – Akali
  • Deft – Caitlyn
  • BeryL – Though not fully, he is still considering Ashe.

During the course of the 2022 season, Kingen experienced a number of highs and lows, but he ended the year on a strong note with his performance in the finals. During the grand final series, he used Aatrox both times, and each time he completely destroyed his opponents with the champion. Because of his play as Aatrox, he even took home the Most Valuable Player title for the Finals. Second, as was to be anticipated, Pyosik choose Kindred as his weapon of choice.

Pyosik used to be a one-trick Kindred player before he signed a professional deal, which is why being the champion has such a significant significance for him. On the other side, Zeka recommends going with Akali. During Worlds 2022, he correctly predicted the winner six times, resulting in four victories. His mastery of the champion’s gameplay mechanics is ridiculously impressive, and it’s clear that he takes pleasure in using them.

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Caitlyn was Deft’s top pick because she has the most compelling narrative around the title. His career began a very long time ago, but Jinx was undoubtedly his most famous champion back in those days. Caitlyn was ultimately the Worlds skin that Deft decided to go with after a protracted delay. Last but not least, BeryL’s choice is still a mystery.

This will be his second Worlds skin, since he previously decided to go with Leona the first time around. According to a snippet of one of his sentences, even if it is not quite apparent who he would choose, it very well may be Ashe.

Everyone was outperformed by DRX

The Worlds 2022 victory by DRX demonstrated to all teams that anything is feasible. Despite not being the greatest team in the LCK this season, they managed to get to the Worlds stage. The majority of people did not believe that DRX would advance to the playoffs despite the fact that they were undoubtedly the top performing team throughout the play-in rounds as projected. In order to win the trophy and disprove everyone, DRX defeated Faker’s T1. Another inspiring tale is the one that explains why Deft hasn’t won a prize in years.

DRX’s victory may have surprised the LoL Worlds betting community, but some players undoubtedly made more money than normal as a result of the unexpected outcome.

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