overwatch 2 hero reveal

The upcoming hero for Overwatch 2 will be unveiled as part of the OWL 2022 Grand Final

Fans of Overwatch are in for a pleasant surprise in the form of a newly introduced hero. A teaser posted on the official Overwatch Twitter feed gave the impression that an appearance by the upcoming Overwatch 2 hero will be made at this weekend’s Overwatch League Grand Finals.

They haven’t revealed any new information on who this hero may be or when exactly throughout the broadcast we can anticipate seeing him yet, so we don’t have a good idea of what to expect. The latest unveiling comes almost precisely a month after OW2’s debut, which was marred by a number of bugs and took place at the beginning of October.

And with that, there is just one month left till the Season 2 premiere on December 6th. On a recent broadcast of the Overwatch League, game director Aaron Keller provided a clue regarding the forthcoming season and the new hero that would be included in it.

According to a Dexerto article, Keller added, “It’s someone that players have seen before.” “A new map is something else we’re releasing in Season 2. And I believe that the new hero is related to this map.

What we can deduce from this is that the tank hero already existing in the Overwatch world, that it will be a male character, and that he will be connected to a new map in some way.

Season 2 will bring the introduction of a new battle pass

When the next season begins the following month, the only way to instantly unlock the hero will be to purchase the Season 2 Premium Pass, which costs 1000 coins or $10. If not, you won’t be allowed to play the hero until you reach level 55 of the free Battle Pass, at which point you’ll be able to do so in some game modes including Competitive Play.

The following season’s battle pass will also unlock a new legendary skin, and Blizzard plans to do this with every new season’s battle pass in addition to unlocking the new hero. Unlike legendary skins, mythic skins may be modified by altering particular features or the color scheme.

The Season 1 Battle Pass now includes the Mythic rarity category in addition to the previously available Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary goods. Around 30 new skins, including one mythic, three epic, and five legendary skins, were included in its 80-tiered item lineup. With Season 2 of OW2, Blizzard also intends to add an additional 30 new skins, which will be divided across the in-game store, the OW2 battle pass, and seasonal events.

Season 2 will introduce a new hero and a new terrain, but things won’t stay this way for very long. Blizzard has stated that future seasons will bring us either a new hero, a new map, or a new mode, but not all three at once. After this one, they want to release a new hero every other season. Every nine weeks, a new season will be launched.

Three new characters have been released since the beginning of October, when Overwatch 2 was first released. Both the damage-dealing Sojourn and the possibly most devastating tank hero in the OW2 world, Junker Queen, made their playable debuts at the game’s release. Although Kiriko was included at the game’s launch, she had to be unlocked through the battle pass, thus not everyone could use her right away. The Founder’s Pack may be redeemed by players of the original OW game to gain access to her, though.

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Not exactly glowing assessments of OW2 were given. Although most people thought the gameplay was enjoyable overall, few thought it greatly improved over the prior game. There have been concerns regarding the in-game matching and the lack of appropriate measures in place to penalise cheaters or match abandoners. Most players appear to dislike the competitive ranking system the most so far since they believe they have to play far longer than they would like in order to advance.

The new cosmetics were also perceived by many gamers as being far more pricey than necessary. Given that individual skins are almost as expensive as Battle Passes for other games, the price approach for skins has drawn criticism.

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