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The Garena Partnership will end in 2023, and Riot will publish LOL and TFT throughout Southeast Asia

As of January 2023, Riot Games’ cooperation with Garena will come to an end, and from that point forward, Riot Games will be solely responsible for publishing League of Legends and The Fighting Tournament in Southeast Asia. Both organizations collaborated for a total of twelve years, during which time Garena was in charge of releasing titles for both League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics.


Riot Games is currently one of the largest gaming businesses in the world, and with good reason; the company is responsible for creating some of the most successful video game titles of all time. In the western world, the titles League of Legends, VALORANT, Teamfight Tactics, and Runeterra are the ones that are most well-known. On the other hand, Riot Games has created a whole distinct realm in the eastern half of the planet.

Since we first met 12 years ago, Garena has been in charge of that universe. Riot Games has made the decision to terminate its collaboration with the firm, therefore effective immediately, this will no longer be the case. Players will be able to gain Teamfight Tactics levels under Riot’s publishments beginning in January 2023, when the firm will begin pushing and publishing its own material in addition to other content for League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics.

Riot published a blog post to inform players of the upcoming change. Within the article, the company also provided responses to a few issues that players could have. Additionally, the corporation plans to establish other offices in the Southeast Asian area, specifically in the countries of the Philippines and Indonesia. Garena will also have a significant role to play in the process, as the company will collaborate closely with Riot to ensure that the players have only the fewest interruptions possible.

In the event that you have a Garena account and are willing to convert it to the new system without losing any of your skins, levels, Riot Points, or experience in the process, click here. The transition from Garena to Riot Games will begin on November 19, 2022, and continue until completion.

Riot has addressed one of the most crucial queries in the blog post, describing how the Riot League/TFT experience would vary from Garena’s in the following ways:

“We want Southeast Asian League/TFT participants to have the same in-game experience as players in other League areas. Through in-game promotions, easy access to cross-franchise events, and thrilling out-of-game experiences like local community activities and regional Riot-operated League esports, we also want to deliver the meaningful engagement that players have come to expect from Riot both online and offline.

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It is possible that the community will not immediately see the benefits of the migration after January 2023; however, in the long term, players will enjoy deeper content integration within the Riot ecosystem, which will provide them with exciting in-game campaigns as well as campaigns that span across different franchises. Riot’s primary objective is to provide players in Southeast Asia with access to the same in-game events and content as players in other regions of the world who play League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics. This will allow Riot to provide players in Southeast Asia with the best possible gaming experience.

Garena Shells will not, unfortunately, be available for conversion to Riot Points; however, they may still be utilized on other Garena games. Because the Riot system introduces new ways to generate revenue, users will no longer have access to this particular function. Players can contact the Riot Games Player Support team at any time if they have any inquiries or need any further information.

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