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T11 brings DOTA 2 viewership to a three-year low, is the Esports health?

The audience for T11, the most important competitive event in the Dota 2 esports scene, did not live up to expectations this year. EsportsCharts disclosed that a total of 67,692,105 hours of the event were viewed by viewers during the course of the T11, with viewership reaching a peak of 1,748,392 individuals at one point. These are significant numbers, although they are lower when compared to the statistics from the tournament’s iteration before this one.

No matter how one looks at it, this pattern can hardly help but be regarded as a cause for concern. A drop in viewership is still a decline, despite the fact that it is still the third most viewed edition of the event overall, which is generally a favorable sign.

Over 107,239,277 hours were spent watching T10, and the network reached a peak concurrent audience of 2,741,514. This was a huge improvement in comparison to the T9 event that took place two years earlier, which had a cumulative viewing of over 88,202,849 hours and a high concurrent audience of 1,965,328.

In a nutshell, there was a discernible movement in the right direction throughout the course of the previous two iterations, but that trajectory did not continue during this iteration.


Fans of the T11 tournament voiced their dissatisfaction with the competition on various online discussion boards, such as Reddit, during the entirety of the competition. Regarding the overall production quality of the event, the community has voiced a number of grievances, one of which has been particularly tenacious.

According to the fans, the organizers did not appear to pay the necessary attention to some aspects, such as soundproofing; nevertheless, this issue was not restricted to only the supporters. During the course of the competition, even teams like Aster claimed that there was a problem with the soundproofing, which is a fairly depressing fact considering the magnitude of the T11.

Fans who attend these events are often knowledgeable about what is going on in the world of esports. These fans want people who arrange these events to demonstrate the same level of enthusiasm and dedication that the players and fans themselves do.

When the level of play drops, it has the potential to have an effect on every aspect of the event. The spectacle comes to an end, and with it, the excitement. A sudden reduction in the prize pool had already established a level of disgruntlement before production issues popped up, and players start becoming more aware that they’re showcasing their talents to disgruntled fans, and the vibe around the events begins to diminish. In this particular instance, a suddenly reduced prize pool had already established a level of disgruntlement.

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In terms of combating its competition, DOTA 2 hasn’t done a great job

There are problems that transcend the incident. The popularity of the game itself is dwindling. One of the most well-known Dota 2 streamers, Janne “Gorgc” Stefanovski, stated the following on the game’s standing in the video game business just early this year:

I truly understand why some people choose not to play Dota 2. If I wasn’t playing Dota early, I would never take it up. For example, if I hadn’t started 10 years ago, I probably wouldn’t be playing Dota right now. It is far too difficult and novice-unfriendly. I sort sorta grasp it… I won’t be mean to anyone who don’t play Dota. Dota is much too difficult, therefore I would f**king pick up Valorant or Fortnite right away. It’s for those of us nerds who have been playing it for a while. We had smoked too much cannabis to leave.

This was a really alarming statement coming from someone who has a significant impact on how the game is perceived. It’s undeniable that the epidemic had an impact on many different businesses, including esports and Dota 2. Gorgc’s claim is supported by the sheer number of new games that players shifted to during the epidemic.

Even while Dota 2 is still quite popular, it is now seeing a little dip. It was formerly one of the most popular esports games, but when other titles like Fortnite and Valorant began to appeal to younger audiences, its value began to decline.

Of course, these competitions could still be hosted by the organizers far more effectively. It will facilitate the events. T11 in particular cannot have problems with soundproofing.

Additionally, a lower prize pool sends the incorrect message to everyone and discourages gamers from participating in the Dota 2 esports scene. There is little question that it will continue to attract a sizable following, but all parties involved must offer some answers to the problem.

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