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Riot to Create LoL Women’s League After Valorant Success

The women’s league and Game Changers tournaments that Riot Games hosted in Valorant were a huge success, not just for the spectators who attended but also for the players who took part. The firm made the decision to host a women’s League of Legends tournament after observing the level of interest in a similar competition.

The title of the competition will be Rising Stars, and the 26th and 27th of November has been selected as the dates for the inaugural iteration of the event. The goal of the tournament is to increase accessibility and possibilities within the realm of esports. This separate competition will only be open to female competitors who are over the age of 16. The objective is to keep things manageable at least for the time being, and there will be a prize fund of £3,000 up for grabs.

The event is going to be broadcasted by an esports production team in Nottingham, and some of the members of that team are going to be students who are working toward getting degrees in esports production.

The population of Northern Europe, which includes the United Kingdom, Scandinavian nations, and the Republic of Ireland, will be the focus of the initial tournament; however, participants from other European areas are welcome to participate in the event as well.

Participants must successfully complete a process for gender verification

The gender verification program will be able to function properly after the press release disclosed that registration is required. DivE, an organization that seeks to increase the representation of women in the esports business and has previous experience doing similar verifications for Valorant’s Game Changer contests, will be in charge of this verification. The press statement went on to say that there would be moderators there to keep an eye on things and make sure that everyone stays safe.

The procedure of verifying a participant’s gender will guarantee that a participant’s age, place of residence, and gender all meet the requirements to participate in the competition. DivE will not record this information on any documents in order to prevent any potential breaches of privacy. Instead, the division will anticipate that the documents will be given as proof through a camera.

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When he was talking about the Rising Stars, Will Atwood of Riot appeared pleased with himself. He brought attention to the fact that Riot Games is dedicated to expanding the possibilities available to women in the gaming industry. He went on to say that Valorant’s game Changers has been a huge success, and that enabling individuals prepare themselves for work in the esports business by organizing their own competitions is an additional advantage of the program.

Since its inception in 2021, the Valorant Game Changers competition has garnered a great deal of acclaim from the wider esports community. Because of how alive the whole competitive sector of the esport feels, many of the finest teams from other esports games have already made the jump to Valorant. This is due to the fact that Valorant is one of the most popular esports games.

Esports can set the bar high

There is a wider conversation to be had about women in sports, which also pertains to esports, and why there aren’t as many competitive structures for women’s sports as there are for men’s sports, aside from a handful, like tennis.

It’s best to start early because the esports sector is still quite young. Having said that, the esports sector has already received the sexist moniker, sometimes rightfully so, and there is no better way to remove that stigma than by fostering a competitive climate in which women may participate.

The esports business could set an example, let alone dispel the myth that the esports sector is fundamentally sexist, while other big sports that have been around for more than a century still struggle to foster the right climate for women to compete.

Of course, none of this can be done only to show off diversity. To imply that genuine change is taking place, the contests need money, players need rewards, and mechanisms need to be developed around this competitive sector. The Valorous Game Changers competitions show Riot Games to be on the right track.

Getting students who are interested in working in the esports sector to assist with production is a good idea because it gives them the chance to develop something and commit to the women’s game for a long time, rather than simply seeing it as a chance to work in the men’s game in the future. There is a ton of potential here, and Twitch will showcase it all.

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