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Placement of Loud’s 2023 Valorant Roster’s Ratings and Power Rankings

After recently taking first place in the 2022 Valorant Champions competition, LOUD has established themselves as the finest Valorant team in the world at this time. The win of the team at VCT Champions left no space for question, especially considering that LOUD went practically unbeaten in the Playoffs stage, losing only one game against Optic Gaming in the finals. This fact alone made the victory a foregone conclusion.

Unfortunately, not even a full month following their victory, Sentinels were able to obtain pANcada and Sacy, two of the five members of LOUD who had contributed to their victory.

Budget-friendly roster revamp for Loud

There were rumors that LOUD did not provide Bryan “pANcada” Luna and Gustavo “Sacy” Rossi with good enough offers to stay, which led to the two players leaving to join Sentinels. This spelled doom for LOUD, as they headed into 2023 with two significant gaps to fill in their lineup. It seemed doubtful that the team would recruit top essential players given the suspected budget limits, leaving them with only a tiny pool of quality from Brazil’s local scene to choose from.

Cauan “cauanzin” Pereira and Arthur “tuyz” Vieira are the two new players that have been added to the starting roster for LOUD’s 2023 season, which was just just revealed.

Cauanzin finished the 2022 season with Ninjas in Pyjamas, which was the team that came in second place behind LOUD in the 2022 Brazil Challengers Stage 1 & 2 competitions. Tuyz, on the other hand, was unable to achieve success earlier in the year when playing with TBK Esports. As a result, they immediately became the underdogs of the VCT South America LCQ. They needed just one more victory to secure their spot in the Champions bracket. Tuyz, who serves as the primary duelist for TBK Esports, was a significant contributor to the team’s rapid progress.

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LOUD are allowing themselves ample time to go through boot camp and be ready for Kick-off thanks to the new members, but it’s going to be a hard road to try to duplicate the success they had in the previous season.


Let’s find out where this current roster falls in our overall Power Rankings and figure out where it belongs. Cauanzin has been a very good player throughout the entire year, and Tuyz’s versatility will enable the squad to advance in order to try to preserve their present ranking as one of Valorant’s finest teams. Due to the lack of expertise that the two new members have on the international scene, it is possible that LOUD will continue to dominate on the local front but will struggle when it comes to competing internationally.

When contrasted with the players on the Sentinels’ 2023 VCT roster, LOUD appears to have a lower overall talent level. It’s possible that this may turn into a rivalry that lasts the whole season, especially if the players involved were formerly comrades.

Because Riot will only allow a few number of teams to participate in the new franchise model, there may be less domestic practice overall, and it will be more challenging for teams to adapt and establish their own distinctive play style. We are going to have to wait and watch how these adjustments influence the teams that have unique playstyles and approaches to the metagame.

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