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New anti-toxicity rules for Overwatch 2 require a phone number and will record it

The expanded anti-toxicity guidelines for Overwatch 2 were one of the more noteworthy announcements made this week. On the other hand, these are going to impose a great deal of limits on how new players may play the game, create accounts, and what they can do overall. After an extensive OW plan and build up phase, the release of Overwatch 2 is now just a few days away. The game will no longer need a fee to play. However, in addition to that, it will undergo some additional adjustments.

Because of the modifications to the rules, it will be far simpler than ever before for people who are poisonous to be blacklisted. However, they are contentious. Some people feel that these guidelines are a little too rigid. The anti-toxicity restrictions included in Overwatch 2 go beyond the fundamentals. In addition to removing the opportunity for players to interact with one another, Blizzard is also requesting a significant increase in the amount of information that players provide. Smurfs will be reduced as a result of this action. However, this will also set some very significant limits on gamers who are only interested in testing out the game.


This week, Blizzard revealed that the anti-toxicity regulations for Overwatch 2 will be undergoing significant revisions. This is going to be known as the defense matrix moving forward. They are going to make some of the following adjustments:

  • Endorsements – Endorsements for sportsmanship are gone, so no more sarcastic praise.
  • Competitive – Player levels and portrait frames won’t be visible in matches anymore. This will help cut down on players getting criticised for their level or performance.
  • Pings – Pings are getting introduced to allow players to communicate without having to use voice chat. This helps make the game more accessible if you want to avoid talking to strangers.
  • General Chat – This is gone entirely. This is one of the biggest Overwatch 2 anti-toxicity changes.
  • FTUE – The FTUE or first-time user experience is a big change to help ease players into the game, and cut down on smurfs.
  • Audio Transcripts – Blizzard will have access to audio recordings of team chat to help police reports.
  • SMS Protect – Players must attach a blizzard account to a phone number to cut down on double accounts.
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Another component of the Overwatch 2 anti-toxicity guidelines is called the TFUE, which stands for the First User Experience. This is a really important modification. The way the game interacts with new players has been completely overhauled with this new approach.

They will have to make their way through many tutorials and gain experience in order to access the game’s fundamental functions. This is meant to make the transition into the game easier for players. A game with such a large esports environment as Overwatch might be challenging for players who are just starting out. This should assist players obtain a gradual grasp on the fundamentals. However, some people aren’t thrilled about the fact that if you’re a brand new player, you’ll have to unlock heroes that have been in the game for quite some time.

Before being allowed to participate in competitive play, players will have to first clear this challenge and then win a total of 50 quick player matches. This should assist to guarantee that smurf accounts are unable to gain access without first committing a significant amount of effort to the process. It is also intended to shorten the amount of time that new players are able to spend in competitive play without first becoming proficient in the fundamentals. In theory, this will result in a reduction in the amount of toxicity.


The Overwatch 2 anti-toxicity tweaks have not received positive feedback from many fans. Some, though, aren’t unpopular. Others have drawn attention to a few important places and expressed their annoyance with the revisions’ implications outside of the intention to prevent toxicity,

There will be disagreement about the modifications. particularly if they include providing private information like a phone number. or allowing voice communications to be recorded by Blizzard. However, the other modifications, which aim to make it simpler for new players to start playing, appear really unoffensive. When the game officially launches, we’ll have to see how the modifications to stop smurfs and keep out toxicity perform.

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