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Legendary Bot Laner Ruler Leaves GEN.G

An era came to an end for the sides of Gen.G and the iconic bot laner Ruler after years of experience and success in the competitive scene. The South Korean player has decided to pursue his professional career in League of Legends elsewhere and has therefore left the company.

Ruler had been a member of the organization’s team for a period of five years, throughout which time it had undergone several iterations of rebranding and name changes.


Ruler’s professional career began in 2018 in the CK, the second division of the South Korean league. He was given the opportunity to compete against some of the up-and-coming talent in the area while playing for Stardust. He demonstrated his ability. In spite of the fact that he was unable to accomplish anything worthwhile in the second division, Samsung Galaxy nonetheless sent an invitation to him to compete at the LCK, which is the highest level of the sport.

Under the aegis of the Samsung Galaxy, Ruler established his reputation. In spite of the fact that they had just middling results regionally, Samsung Galaxy performed exceptionally well at Worlds 2016. They were eliminated in the grand final by SK Telecom T1, despite making it all the way to the championship match.

2017 was the year that Ruler’s career reached its zenith. Although Samsung Galaxy were unable to win the league once again, they did succeed in completing the task this time. The majority of those that wagered on League of Legends Worlds were unable to compete with Samsung Galaxy, as they won the tournament and took home the trophy. During his heyday, many sports enthusiasts hailed Ruler as the greatest athlete in the history of the sport.

KSV Esports replaced Samsung Galaxy as the team’s moniker, and Ruler remained with the organization. Despite this, KSV did not participate in any international events and instead relaunched themselves after the conclusion of the season. The name of the squad was changed to Gen.G, and Ruler remained with the organization to demonstrate his value after spending a year struggling with KSV Esports. Both the Worlds 2022 Quarter Finals and the Worlds 2021 Semifinals were within reach for Gen.G. Additionally, throughout that time period, the organization competed in two LCK Finals.

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Finally, Gen.G was able to acquire Chovy, and this year they were able to take first place in the LCK. They were considered to be among the top contenders for the Worlds 2022 crown, along with the LPL winners, JD Gaming. After suffering a defeat at the hands of DRX, who is consistently ranked among the weakest teams in everyone’s League of Legends Worlds power rankings, Gen.G was unable to advance past the semi final stage, and as a result, their season came to an end. After the conclusion of the season, Ruler made the decision to leave the squad rather than continue his professional career with them and instead joined another company.


The world’s top League of Legends players still include Ruler. Now that he has more experience than ever before, he is definitely being considered by a number of organizations as a potential signing. There are other options available to him, but eventually he will sign with a company. Ruler has two options: first, he may continue competing in the LCK and join another squad that is a serious contender. Second, for the first time in his career, he could travel abroad by joining an LPL team. Since neither party appears to be considering the trade, his joining a western team is not an option. Last but not least, he could decide to retire and concentrate on making content.

Ruler has a variety of options, therefore we must wait till he makes a choice. However, Ruler’s declaration of his retirement may anger many of his admirers. Until then, anything is conceivable.

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