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Harbor’s Capabilities and ACT 3 Details are revealed by Valorant

Riot has just recently published a little teaser that details how Harbor acquired his skills and how he eventually became a member of VALORANT. If we ignore the mythology for a moment, we can confidently declare that Harbor is going to make a significant impact on the game when he debuts in Act 3, which is scheduled to begin on October 18th. This prediction is based on the fact that we do not need to worry about the lore. There is no question that the Controller mains will adore him, and those that have the ability to flex will battle them to insta-lock the character because of how smooth and adorable he is.

Teasers began appearing online only a few days ago, and they revealed that VALORANT’s ‘Agent 21’ is an Indian native who can bend water. Regarding the announcement of the formal reveal, Riot was keeping its cards close to its chest, despite the fact that this development has been in the works for quite some time. Now, with only a few days left until the beginning of Act 3 of Episode 5, the all-new Controller, Harbor, has been revealed in its entirety. It won’t be long until you meet this debonair and elegant figure who, thanks to his commanding water-based powers, has the potential to completely transform the battleground.


The arrival of Harbor was preceded by a thrilling fifty-second trailer that revealed him to be quite the action hero. Since then, Riot has provided further information on the surprise by uploading a video to Twitter that explains how Harbor will function within the context of the game. It turns out that he is more than just a gorgeous face he is also a talented strategist who possesses the capacity to manage water in a variety of different ways that are strategic:

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The following is a list of Harbor’s primary skills:

  • Cove: Equip a sphere of shielding water that blocks bullets.
  • High Tide: Equip a wall of water – guide the water in the direction of your crosshair, spawning a wall along the water’s path.
  • Cascade: Equip a wave of water and send it rolling forward and through walls.
  • Ult – Reckoning: Summon a geyser pool on the ground – enemy players in the area are targeted by geyser strikes that concuss them.

Players using a controller will undoubtedly have a ton of fun using Harbor’s skills to section off different areas of the game. He will be an excellent substitute for characters such as Viper and Astra, and after the plant, he is certain to become an absolutely monstrous character; nevertheless, it remains to be seen how frequently he will be chosen in VALORANT esports matches.


Act 3, which will introduce Harbor to the VALORANT line-up, will be released on the 18th of October. There are also rumors that a new game mode is going to be released in the near future. This mode is said to be an ability-enabled team deathmatch mode in which players compete to be the first team to achieve a total of 100 kills. There will also be a significant upgrade to the user interface (UI), which will have a significant effect on both the primary menu and the post-match panels.

Act 3 will, of course, have the standard selection of skins and pals, in addition to a brand new combat pass for gamers to work their way through and earn new ranks. According to reports, Riot has put their all into this update, improving the game engine wherever it was feasible to do so, reworking visual flows, and distributing a variety of repairs wherever they were required.

To whatever challenges may lie ahead for us in Act 3, here’s wishing you the best of luck. If you feel the need to brush up on your skills, feel free to check out our guide to the optimal VALORANT settings.

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